A Three-Part Program To Help Lower Anxiety -- Turn Your Anxiety Into Awareness and Action.

What My Anxiety Notebook Can Do For You
Learn Stress/Anxiety Assesment
Discover Anxiety Triggers
Unblock Historic Anxiety Issues
Develop New Flexible Coping Situations.

My Anxiety Notebook was developed to help people understand and resolve anxiety and stress. This method to reduce anxiety was create and developed by the founder of Adaptive Behavioral Therapy Research Foundation Inc. The notebook can be used individually, in groups, community settings and private therapy.

Difficulties with social anxiety, relationship issues, chronic stress, anger management, panic disorder, eating disorders, sexual problems, feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion, relationship conflicts, insomnia, digestive disorders, depression, school or work performance, out of control behavior are symptomatic of unresolved anxiety or chronic stress which can be addressed through use of My Anxiety Notebook. A three-part process focuses on looking for the cause of stress and anxiety.

* A personal stress scale is developed for use in daily life. Identifying historic and current reactions to stress becomes a routine practice which incorporates the use of an interruption technique. This approach incorporates ten years of research in affective neuroscience to work with stress triggers as they occur. Interrupting patterns used to adapt to stress creates the potential for self-directed experimentation with new behaviors.

* The interruption technique allows you to move into a phase of therapy for prevention of ‘getting stuck’ in old responses.

* The introduction of four basic coping tools allows you to maintain lower anxiety on a daily basis.

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Dr. Sara Denning is the founder of the Adaptive Behavioral Therapy Research Foundation, Inc., (a non-profit organization) as well as the author of My Anxiety Notebook and other stress reduction programs. Dr. Denning discovered that neuroscience can be used to educate people suffering from chronic stress and Anxiety about brain functions as a basis for treatment. Dr. Denning's practice specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders through individual and couples sessions.

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